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The Car Key People provide a fast and convenient solution for replacing lost car keys in London and the South East of England. Our team of highly skilled auto locksmiths work around Greater London offering a unique mobile service for lost, broken and stolen vehicle keys.

We understand that losing car keys can cause a great deal of stress and potentially ruin your day, but we have a simple solution that provides London’s motorists with ‘replacement car keys in a click’. We speak to hundreds of people each week that have misplaced their car keys, and the one thing they all have in common is the alarmingly inappropriate time to have lost their keys. Just heading out to a wedding, setting off to the airport, rushing to the hospital for the birth of their child – these are situations we hear on a daily basis and our customers are relieved to learn we can have a replacement car key ready and in their hand within less than 60 minutes of their phone call! If you are in London, Essex, Kent, Middlesex, Surrey, Hertfordshire, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire or West Sussex we have a team of skilled car locksmiths ready to dash-out and save your day. Call us direct on 07572 941161.

Why wait to lose your car keys? If you have one key we can provide a spare car key at a cost saving. Take a look at our article explaining the main advantages of having a spare car key.

Lost car key advice

We have been helping people replace their car keys for over 5 years and in that time we have pretty much seen it all. If you have never lost your car keys before you will find this section helpful.

What to do when you lose your car keys

We get lets of calls from panicked customers that have just lost their car keys but have spent less than 30 minutes looking for them. Before you give us a call make sure you have exhausted all options and looked in every hiding place. Follow our helpful steps below if you have just lost your car keys.

  1. Relax and try to think clearly – If you cant find your keys there is absolutely no point getting worked up. Think clearly and try to retrace your steps.
  2. Call The Car Key People – If you have looked everywhere and are sure you keys are lost then give us a call for a no obligation quote
  3. Book a time to get your car keys replaced – We can respond to most jobs within one hour of your phone call
  4. Get your replacement car key – Meet us at your vehicle at the agreed time for us to produce a brand new key for your car
  5. Carry on with your day as normal 

What if my car keys have been stolen?

Stolen car keys need a slightly different approach to above. We would first suggest calling the police to notify them of the situation and then follow this with a phone call to The Car Key People. We understand that you are likely to be anxious if your keys have been stolen so we will always try to book you in as a priority job. We treat stolen car keys the same as lost keys and take every necessary step to ensure your car is secure. Before we program a replacement car key we will use dealer level diagnostic tools to remove the missing key from the car. This way if someone should come back to try and take the car it will no longer start. All cars manufactured in Europe after 1995 are factory fitted with an immobiliser that works with a hidden transponder chip in the car key. This improves car security and also gives us a fast way of securing your car if your keys become stolen.

lost car key specialists

Our service for replacing lost car keys

Our service for making replacement car keys is different to most other options. Many people naturally think the only option is to contact the car manufacturers main dealer. Your main dealer can make keys but this is not going to be your cheapest or quickest solution. The main dealers will require you to visit their garage and present your V5 and ID to order a new key. The key could take as long as 7 days to arrive back at the garage and will still need coding to your car. Main dealers do not offer a mobile service for car key programming and would require you to tow your car into their workshop for the key to be programmed. Sound like a headache? It really is – This is why The Car Key People provide a specialist mobile service. Being completely mobile we can come straight to your vehicles location to produce the replacement key. This could be at your home, place of work, train station, car pound, literally anywhere. The location is not important – as long as your car is in London or home counties we can help. On arriving at your vehicle we will quickly begin work to open the car and cut the new key. We can supply basic manual keys to help keep your costs low, and for a little extra we can produce a fully functioning remote fob key or card for your vehicle. This is all done while you wait, the same day as your phone call. All key production and programming is completed on site with no requirement for you to recover your car anywhere – what could be simpler!? Call The Car Key People now to get a price on replacing your lost car key – 07572 941161.

We provide a comprehensive lost car key service for a large range of vehicles including Ford, Vauxhall, Peugeot and Renault.

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If you have no keys select "lost all keys" alternatively if you have 1 working key or more select "just a spare".

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