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If you have just lost your only VW key we can help. The Car Key People supply replacement VW keys at unbeatable prices, and we come to you, so there is no worries about getting your car towed to a garage. We can cut and program VW key replacements when all keys are lost and your car is locked. Call now for a no obligation quote on 07572 941161. Volkswagen keys can come in a few variations so feel free to ask us any questions and we will be more than happy to explain the technology and how we produce your new car key.

We can help replace lost VW keys for the full range of VW models, old and new right up to 2013 plate cars. Our service is completely mobile and hassle free and guaranteed to save you cash. Give The Car Key People a call and speak to us now about replacing your Volkswagen keys.

How it Works:

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  2. Agree a time
    We confirm a slot for your job.
  3. Get your car key
    We make your new key onsite.
  4. Payment
    You pay on completion.

Benefits of our VW Car Key Service

No other company offers such a comprehensive service for replacement VW keys and remote locking fobs. Reasons to use The Car Key People:

  • Car key experts
  • Same day service
  • Unbeatable prices
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How we replace lost VW keys

Our service for lost VW keys is super simple. Before booking us in to replace your keys we will give you a fixed price and clearly explain what we will be providing and when we are likely to arrive at your car. On arriving at your car we will get straight to work to cut your new VW car keys. We produce a VW key replacement using three steps:

  1. We use a specialist decoder to tool to read your VW door lock to obtain the information to cut the key
  2. Next we cut the replacement key in our van using an automated key cutting machine
  3. Using sophisticated diagnostic tools we program the new key to the car

This whole process is completed while you wait, and normally within 30 minutes. If you would like to read more we have additional information about replacing lost car keys here. Want to make a booking or have a question? Speak to our VW locksmith now on 07572 941161.

Get help fast with your car key problems. We will email back with a quote in 5 mins:

Models of VW covered by our car key service

We can provide VW keys for the following models:

VW remote programming guide

The remote locking for certain models of VW can be synchronised with the following manual procedure. (Note 2 keys required).

  1. Insert a key into the ignition and turn on the ignition
  2. Close all doors
  3. WIth the 2nd key that is to be programmed lock the drivers door manually
  4. Press the lock button on the key once or twice
  5. An audible beep should be heard and a visual flash of the the indicator seen
  6. This confirm the key is programmed

Volkswagen car key services provided by The Car Key People

Need urgent help with your VW keys? The Car Key People offer the following services:

Have only one key and need a spare? Our VW car key replacement service is not just for emergency situations. If you have purchased a VW with only one key or misplaced one of the keys we can help supply you with an additional key. Even if you are the only person that drives the car It makes great sense to get a spare key put away in a safe place. A spare VW key is available from £80 including all call out and programming costs. Most VW keys contain a type 48 transponder chip that can not be cloned in your local locksmith shop. We can program these keys straight to your car the same way the VW garages can. The only difference is WE COME TO YOU, and we are always cheaper!

Lost only VW key what to do? If your Volkswagen car is locked and you have lost the one and only key it's not a problem. Our auto locksmiths specialise in VW keys and can get your car open within minutes. We carry a huge stock of VW keys and will endeavour to get to you the same day to cut and program your VW key replacement. We program all keys on site and our VW keys are the same looking key you would receive if you took your car to a VW dealer.

I've broken the chip in my VW key what do I do?: Most VW keys contain a glass transponder chip that is concealed inside the top plastic part that attached onto the remote fob. Lots of people try to save cash by purchasing parts from ebay and doing a self refurb job of their keys. In the process the glass transponder chip can smash and break or  fall out and get misplaced. We can replace damaged or lost VW transponder chips and reprogram the key to make the car start.


What to do if your VW key is broken?: We see lots of VW keys that are cracked and broken. If your key is broken on the silver knuckle and the blade has snapped off we can help repair your key and save you cash. VW will not repair keys, they only replace. We can replace the broken VW key blade and make the key work as good as new. If your key case is broken and you are unable to connect your key to a key ring we can supply you with a new key case to refurbish your key. You can either buy this from our online car key shop and fit yourself or arrange for us to bring the part over and refurbish your VW key for you.

Is your VW key just spinning in the door lock? VW locks are renowned for failing and not working correctly. The problem is normally with the back paddle arm that attaches to the lock barrel and activates the lock mechanism. Over time the lock corrodes and becomes brittle. Eventually the back paddle snaps and falls off into the door leaving the lock inoperable. We can replace and repair all VW locks and save you money over getting a new lock fitted at VW.

VW key workings explained

From 1995 VW upgraded their vehicle security to incorporate a factory fitted immobiliser that works in conjunction with a coded key. The VW keys contain a special chip known as a 'transponder chip' that is uniquely coded to make the car start. When the key is turned in the ignition the chip is read by an arial and authorises vehicle start up. Over the years the immobiliser system has evolved and become increasingly more secure, making it harder for thieves to hack. Some keys will also use a remote fob that operates the central locking. This is not to be confused with the immobiliser. VW keys became even more secure after 2007 and use a precoded chip. If you order a key in from VW the key will be uniquely pre coded to your vehicle before being sent out from the factory. When the key arrives it will still need further coding at the car to complete the process. We can precode a virgin chip and make it read to start your car within 30 minutes, so waiting 5 days for a key to arrive from VW is not an issue if you call The Car Key People.

Inside tips from our VW locksmith

"We are able to replace keys for all VW cars right up to 2013. We are able to succeed where a large majority of so called auto locksmiths will fail. VW immobiliser systems have become very complex and without the correct tools and latest software key coding can be a huge issue. If you need a key for a VW Golf that was built after 2009 for example we can access the correct information to precode your new key and program it to start the car. Some VW cars have an immobiliser system that is integrated into the dashboard clocks. To precode your key for some later models it may be necessary to remove the clocks and read the immobiliser chip to obtain the required information. This is all done on site while you wait and is usually completed in less than 40 minutes.  VW is a very popular car and we have replaced literally thousands of keys so you can trust us to get you out of your jam without a glitch. Wether you drive a Golf, Polo, Passat or Lupo we can help supply you with replacement VW keys that are guaranteed to be high quality and affordable.

The VW keys we provide

VW Golf key

Early HU49 VW key

VW Sharan key replacement

Sharan remote key

Spare volkswagen remote

3 button remote key

Replace VW Passat key

Passat dash key

VW 2 button remote key replacement

2 button remote key

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