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We provide an unbeatable service for Renault car key replacement. If you have lost your Renault key or card in London or nearby counties we can solve your problem and have you back in your car within less than thirty minutes of arriving at your car. Our Renault key service is recommended by The RAC and AA.

Our service for Renault keys and card is guaranteed to not only save you time but also large amounts of cash. We can provide a full replacement Renault card from as little as £140 including all programming and our mobile call out. There’s even more great savings to be made if you drive an early Renault from before 2001 with standard keys starting at just £75 for a spare.

Renault Laguna key

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Benefits of our Renault Car Key Service

No other company offers such a comprehensive service for replacement Renault keys and remote locking fobs. Reasons to use The Car Key People:

  • Car key experts
  • Same day service
  • Unbeatable prices
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A Rapid Service for Lost Renault Keys and Key Cards

We can help if you have misplaced your only Renault key or Renault key card. Our service is 100% mobile and 100% hassle free. Working from dedicated vans that are set up as mobile workshops we come out directly to your location to make a replacement key.

We have a great relationship with Renault main dealers and can obtain the unique key blade number to cut your key in advance. On arrival all thats left to do is program the key. For most models made after 2001 this is completed within a matter of minutes. We use the latest software and locksmith tools to cut and program your Renault key and guarantee their will be no damage to your car.

The number to call is 07572 941161. Call now and speak to our Renault auto locksmith experts.

Get help fast with your car key problems. We will email back with a quote in 5 mins:

Models of Renault covered by our car key service

We can provide Renault keys for the following models:

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Renault remote programming guide

Renault Key and Card problems?

The Car Key People have years of experience with Renault keys and can help in many ways. Here are just a few:

Dont like having just one key? You would be surprised at the amount of people that are happy to drive around with just one key. This is foolish for several reasons, the main one being it will cost you much more to replace if you lose it. We can make you a substantial saving on a new Renault key or card if you have at least one working key. Dont run the risk of losing our only key, get in touch now and let us come out to you and program an additional Renault key while you wait.

Lost only Renault key what to do? If you have lost your one and only Renault key we can help you save time and cash. If you have already spoken to the Renault main dealer you will know they will need to order a replacement key in from France, which takes around five days to arrive. Why wait? The Car Key People keep all Renault keys and cards in stock and in most cases will be able to cut and program a new renault key on the same day as your phone call. It's a win win situation - No waiting for keys to arrive, no towing the car to the garage, and huge cost savings.

Key not turning in Renault ignition lock: Renault ignition barrels are well known to be problematic and leave drivers stranded unable to drive the car. If you are inserting the key into your Renault ignition but not able to get it to turn give us a call. We will be able to repair the problem on the spot, and in some cases will not even need to remove the barrel.


Renault key card not detected: This is a very common problem with Renault cars that use the card style key. When the card is inserted into the reader a message is displayed on the control screen saying insert card, or card not detected. This usually means the key card is faulty and will need to repaired or replaced. The problem is likely to be with the soldering joints inside the card. With constant use the internal working of the card bend and crack. In some cases they can be repaired by specialist Renault key card repairers, but in our experience the repair is only temporary and the card will most likely fail again. We stock a full range of Renault cards and use specialist software and tools to program a new card to your Renault. We can supply and code Renault Megane cards, Renault Laguna cards, Renault Espace key cards and much more. Call us now and speak to our Renault key technician on 07572 941161.

Remote buttons or card not unlocking the car? The Renault key cards unfortunately have lots of problems and sometime the buttons stop working. If you are pressing the unlock button on the key card and nothing is happening it may mean the card has to be replaced. If you drive a Renault Clio, Renault Megane, Espace or Laguna we have keys and cards in stock and can be with you within one hour of your phone call.

How Renault Keys work

Since 1996 Renault cars have been factory fitted with an immobiliser system that prevents the car from starting unless it receives the expected response from the key. Each Renault key will contain a transponder chip that is hidden in the head of the key. When the key is turned in the ignition the chips code is read by a coil that is found around the ignition barrel face. The signal is then passed to an immobiliser and then onto the ECU and permits the car to start. The immobiliser is sometimes a separate box and in other cars it is integrated into the body control module (BCM). Some early Renaults used an alternative immobiliser system that is deactivated via an infrared signal emitted from the keys remote fob. Renault key cards, whilst looking very different, work in a similar manor to the chipped keys. When the card is inserted into the dash the reader will detect the signal from the transponder chip inside the card.

Our London Renault locksmith shares some inside info

"We have been providing a service for replacing Renault keys for nearly five years. In that time we have helped well over 500 Renault drivers that have lost or damaged their car keys. I was called out last week to assist a gentleman in Guildford that had his Renault Megane key card stolen whilst he was out in London. He did not have another key card so was unable to get into his car. He was very concerned and anxious about the thieves locating his car and steeling the vehicle. I explained how when we program a new Renault card into his megane the old key card would no longer start the vehicle or even open the doors if the buttons were pressed. He had been quoted over £200 by Renault and told it would take at least a week to get the replacement key for his Renault is from France. The best part of my job is being able to help customers like this - not only was I able to get hime back on the road the same day and secure his vehicle, I was able to save him £40."

The Renault keys we provide

Megane key card

Megane key card

Laguna key card

Laguna key card

Renault Scenic card

Renault Scenic card

Renault Espace key

Renault Espace key card

Renault Clio one button remote key

Clio remote key

New style 3 button key

New style 3 button Clio and Kango key

Traffic key fob

Traffic key fob

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