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Are you looking to get a Peugeot key replacement? The Car Key People is London’s most trusted Peugeot car locksmith service offering a hassle free solution for broken, stolen or lost Peugeot car keys. If you have lost your only key we can have you back on the road with a brand new Peugeot key with no fuss and no time lost.

Our replacement Peugeot keys start from as little as £89 for a manual key, and just £145 for a high quality remote locking fob key. Our Peugeot key service is offered to the whole of London and surrounding home counties. If you have lost your only key call us now and get back on the road today – 07572 941161.

How it Works:

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Benefits of our Peugeot Car Key Service

No other company offers such a comprehensive service for replacement Peugeot keys and remote locking fobs. Reasons to use The Car Key People:

  • Car key experts
  • Same day service
  • Unbeatable prices
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Our service for lost Peugeot keys

If you have lost the only key to your Peugeot we can help. Our Peugeot car locksmiths offer a rapid response mobile service that replaces lost Peugeot keys at your location while you wait.
Do not worry if your car is locked, this does not cause us any problems. Before arriving at you vehicle we speak to Peugeot to obtain your key number and immobiliser code. We only require your registration number and VIN number to access these codes. Using the key number provided by Peugeot we cut the blade of a brand new key ready to be programmed to your car. On arriving at your vehicle all that's left to do is code in your replacement Peugeot key. It's that simple and the whole job should be completed in less than 15 minutes! Sounds great when Peugeot have probably just told you it will take at least 5 days.

To get your new Peugeot key made today speak to our car locksmiths on 07572 941161.

Get help fast with your car key problems. We will email back with a quote in 5 mins:

Models of Peugeot covered by our car key service

We can provide Peugeot keys for the following models:

No models available

Peugeot remote programming guide

The majority or Peugeot car key remotes can be synchronised with a simple manual procedure. Follow these steps to learn a remote fob that has stopped working or has been replaced:

  • Insert the remote key to be programmed in to the Peugeot ignition lock
  • Turn the key to the position that activates the dashboard lights, normally position 2 or 3. (Do not turn all the way to start the car)
  • Press and hold the lock button for 10 seconds
  • Turn the key back and remove from ignition
  • Wait 30 seconds
  • Test the remote

Note - this procedure is fairly standard for most Peugeot models, but some will require a diagnostic tool for programming.

We can help with all Peugeot car key problems

Our Peugeot car locksmiths are on hand to assist with the following car key and lock issues:

Need an additional Peugeot key? Are you running the risk with just one key for your Peugeot car? Our mobile auto locksmiths can save you time and cash by coming to you and making you a spare key while you wait. We can come to you in any location it doesn't have to be at your home address. We are very happy to travel to your place of work and make a new key for you in your lunch break if time is tight.

Lost all Peugeot keys? We specialise in helping customers that have lost all keys to their Peugeot. We can open your car and have a new key cut within 20 minutes of arriving at your location. Some Peugeots do not require a remote locking key which means we can provide you with a manual key to help keep costs down. If you would like a full remote key this is no problem. Speak to us to find out more about the types of keys we can provide and get a quote for coming out to your area.

Key not turning in the ignition?: Peugeot locks are unfortunately renowned for having lots of problems. If you are inserting the key ok but having problems getting it to turn, there is a good chance the pick bar has been dislodged. If you look carefully you will probably notice the key is not quite going the full way into the lock. We are able to repair this common problem without having the remove the ignition barrel from your car.


Snapped your Peugeot key blade: Early models of Peugeot use a side cut key blade known as an NE72. It's very common for these blade to bend and snap off. To make matters worse they have a habit of snapping off when being turned in the lock and become stuck inside. Our auto locksmiths are able to remove the broken piece of key and cut a replacement. Peugeot dealers will likely charge you for a full key replacement in these circumstances so our solution will save you cash as well as time. If we are coming out to help with a snapped key we always recommend taking advantage of the situation and have us provide you with a low cost back up key while we are there.

Is your Peugeot remote not working? If you are pressing your remote buttons and nothing is happening we can help. First make sure the battery is not the problem by fitting a brand new battery to your key. If this does not solve the problem we can supply a new fob key and program it to your Peugeot.

How Peugeot car keys work

Peugeot car keys work with the cars immobiliser system to enable the vehicle to start. The key will contain a small transponder chip that is paired to the vehicle to allow the engine to start. The Peugeot transponder chip is concealed in the head of a manual key, or in the case of a remote locking key. When the key is turned in the Peugeot ignition the chip is powered and read by an antenna coil around the barrel that sends the code to the immobiliser and checks if the vehicle is being started by an authorised key. Most Peugeot car keys will have a remote locking fob built into the key that allows the doors to be unlocked by the simple push of a button.

Replacement Peugeot keys in London

The Car Key People have been providing replacement Peugeot keys for over seven years in and around London. If you have lost our Peugeot car key our mobile car locksmiths will be able to attend your vehicle and produce a new key while you wait. We provide genuine factory original OEM Peugeot car keys like the main dealers supply. The only difference is we come out to you the same day of your phone call and eradicate the requirement of recovering your Peugeot car to your local dealer workshop. So if you have just lost your Peugeot keys and don't know what to do, look no further than The Car Key People - London's leading replacement Peugeot key service.

The Peugeot keys we provide

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