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The Car Key People offer a completely mobile service for replacement Nissan car keys. If you have simply locked your Nissan keys inside your car or your Nissan keys have been lost or stolen, we can have you back on the road with in a few hours of your call.

If you are fearing the worst in terms of cost you will be pleased to know we can save you money on main dealer prices with replacement Nissan keys starting from as little as £80 inclusive of call out charges, depending on your location.

How it Works:

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Benefits of our Nissan Car Key Service

No other company offers such a comprehensive service for replacement Nissan keys and remote locking fobs. Reasons to use The Car Key People:

  • Car key experts
  • Same day service
  • Unbeatable prices
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How we replace lost Nissan Keys

Losing car keys won't happen often in an individuals lifetime, however when the inevitable does happen, where do you turn? Most people will contact a Nissan main dealer and will no doubt be faced with high costs, long waiting times and the inconvenience of having to recover your vehicle to the dealer for key programming.

At The Car Key People we can offer a hassle free solution that saves you both time and cash. We carry a large amount key blanks, remote locking fobs and transponder chip technology which covers all Nissans popular models.

When you call The Car Key People you will talk to an experienced Auto Locksmith who will run through your options and give you a no obligation quote. We can then arrange a convenient time to meet at your vehicle, on arrival we can cut your new Nissan key according to a key number obtained from Nissan on your behalf. We then ensure the correct transponder chip is added to your key and with the latest diagnostic software we can program the key to your vehicle which will deactivate the immobiliser allowing your vehicle will start. The whole job is done on site and completed within 30 minutes of arrival.

For any further questions feel free to get in touch and speak to an experienced Nissan locksmith on 07572 941161

Get help fast with your car key problems. We will email back with a quote in 5 mins:

Models of Nissan covered by our car key service

We can provide Nissan keys for the following models:

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Nissan remote programming guide

Our Nissan car key services

We can assist with any issue surrounding your Nissan car key.

Need a Spare Nissan key? Most second hand cars these days are sold with only one key and its not the traders responsibility to provide you with an additional key. Getting a new key cut and programmed to your Nissan may not necessarily be straight forward and will probably end up at the bottom of your task list. At the Car Key People we guarantee to cut out all the inconvenience, by coming to you we can arrange a suitable time and have your additional key working in less than 15 minutes.

Worn/snapped Nissan key refurbishment: You may not realise that your car key is certainly one of your most used items on a daily basis and this style of key can become very worn, or even worse the blade might snap in two at its weakest point. Most Nissan car key blades are known as a side cut key. This basically means the metal blade has identical cuts at different depths and intervals on either side. Each key will have its own combination of cuts that are unique to your Nissan vehicle.  There are several symptoms to look out for as your key is wearing. Firstly is your keys appearance, the metal blade will become very smooth and start to loose its original cuts. Secondly, your Nissan key may take numerous attempts to operate the door lock/ignition and eventually stop working all together. You may decide to take your key to a high street locksmith shop who will certainly have the facility to duplicate your existing key however this will not resolve your problem as they can only take a direct copy of your worn blade and leave you with the same issue. The Car Key People will cut you a fresh key at your vehicle using a key number supplied by Nissan or by extracting a door/boot look to identify your keys unique combination. Being at your vehicle allows us to test the key ensuring its cut correctly and starts your car.


Have you lost all of your Nissan keys? Losing your car keys can be a real problem. We have years of experience in Nissan keys ensuring the correct technology is programmed to your vehicle, as this varies depending on the make, model and year of registration of your Nissan. Prior to our mobile locksmith attending your vehicle all arrangements will be made by a simple phone call, we ensure to keep customer updated on arrival times, and jobs are completed in under 30 minutes. Don’t hesitate and call us to discuss the types of keys we can provide and costs.

Locked Nissan keys inside car? Locking keys inside your car is easily done and will most definitely happen at the worst possible time. We treat these situations as a priority and by using specialist lock picking equipment and car opening techniques we will have your vehicle open in minutes with no damage. Once we have opened your Nissan and retrieved your key why not ask our car locksmith about the discounts we can offer on supplying an additional key for your Nissan whilst we are there.

How Nissans immobiliser system (NATS) works

From 1995 EU law stated every vehicle built will have a factory fitted immobiliser system installed. Whether your Nissan uses a remote central locking key or a standard non remote key and is registered from 1995 (N reg) onwards it will have an immobiliser system known as NATS, which stands for Nissan Anti-Theft System. Your key will contain a programmed transponder chip concealed within the plastic head. When the key is inserted into the ignition and turned the programmed transponder chip will send a signal to the immobiliser situated in a separate box or within the vehicles Body Control Module (BCM). The BCM will send a signal to the Engine Control Unit (ECU) and the car will start. If the transponder chip is missing from the key or has not been correctly programmed, this will send an incorrect signal and disable the vehicle from starting.

Inside information from our Nissan locksmith

"Over the last 5 years we have seen an increase in the amount of lost Nissan keys. The Nissan Micra is a very popular car and I have supplied well over 200 replacement Nissan Micra keys since starting at The Car Key People. We replace the Micra key by removing the boot lock and taking it apart to see how the key needs to be made. The boot lock is the easiest lock to remove so this is why we choose to remove this lock rather the ignition or door lock.  Next we cut the key in our van. Finally we code the key to the car to make it start. This procedure is carried out for all Nissan Micra K11 models. The never shape Micra is known as the K12 and uses a totally different key, which can be programmed in a similar way but will need an integrated remote fob.

The Nissan keys we provide

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