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Have you lost your Mercedes keys? The Car Key People can help you get back into your Mercedes and provide you with a replacement key TODAY! We supply replacement Mercedes keys to motorists in Greater London at a competitive price, and we come out to you! We can open any Mercedes car and produce new keys for nearly all models using the IR smart keys.

We provide our replacement Mercedes key service to the general public and motor trade in Greater London. We can be onsite at your Mercedes car within one hour of your phone and help you get back on the road the same day.

How it Works:

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    Call us on 07572 941161.
  2. Agree a time
    We confirm a slot for your job.
  3. Get your car key
    We make your new key onsite.
  4. Payment
    You pay on completion.

Benefits of our Mercedes Car Key Service

No other company offers such a comprehensive service for replacement Mercedes keys and remote locking fobs. Reasons to use The Car Key People:

  • Car key experts
  • Same day service
  • Unbeatable prices
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How our lost Mercedes key service works

The Car Key People are a team of fully trained auto locksmiths that provide replacement car keys for a large range of vehicles, including our speciality of Mercedes.

If you have misplaced your one and only Mercedes key we can help with our unique mobile auto locksmith service.  Our lost Mercedes key service is 100% mobile and will come out to you at your convenience.

On arrival at your car our trained auto locksmith will first gain access to your Mercedes by picking open the drivers door lock. It's important to note that this causes no damage whatsoever and is a safe method of entry. Our auto locksmiths use specialist Mercedes lock picks that will have your door open in a matter of minutes.

Once inside the car our Mercedes locksmith will remove the key module ready for programming a new key. The Mercedes key programming is performed in the back of a mobile workshop van and is normally completed within a maximum 45 minutes, while you wait.

The key module is then refitted to the vehicle and your replacement Mercedes key is tested for starting and remote locking access. We will invite you to fully test the key before any payment is requested.

If you have any questions feel free to call your local London Mercedes locksmith on 07572 941161.

Get help fast with your car key problems. We will email back with a quote in 5 mins:

Models of Mercedes covered by our car key service

We can provide Mercedes keys for the following models:

No models available

Mercedes remote programming guide

Car locksmith services for Mercedes in London

The Car Key People are one of a small handful of auto locksmiths in London producing replacement Mercedes keys. So why use us over your local Merc main dealer?

The standard process for ordering replacement Merc keys through a main dealer is time consuming, not to mention costly. The main dealers require the Mercedes owner to provide them with the V5 and two forms of photo ID.  After providing the required paperwork a new key is ordered in from the Mercedes head office in Germany. The keys normally arrive back with the main dealer within 3 - 4 days, but can sometimes be delayed for as much as 7 days. Our service for lost Mercedes keys is offered the same day as your call. So why wait days when we can provide you with a replacement smart key within a few hours?

Only have one Mercedes key? Get yourself a spare before it's too late: If you are driving your Mercedes with onl one key you are at risk of losing it and being without your vehicle while you are waiting for a replacement. You don't have to wait until you lose your only Mercedes key before you call us. In fact we can provide you with a spare Mercedes key with a cost saving if you already have one working key - So call us today on 07572 941161.

Have you just locked you key inside your Merc? Keys locked inside Mercedes cars is a problem we assist with on a daily basis. Our fully trained auto locksmiths offer a fast response Mercedes door opening service to the while of Greater London. Calling The Car Key People to open your Mercedes is guaranteed to be cheaper than breaking a window, so call us now on 07572 941161.

Worn key with worn through remote buttons? If the buttons are falling apart and have become worn on your Mercedes smart key we can provide you with a replacement case and fully refurbish your key. We will be happy to refurbish any spare key whilst on site providing a replacement for just a few pounds extra.

Mercedes Benz keys in detail

Mercedes IR (Infra red) keys are described as a "smart key". The key has two main functions:

  1. Lock and unlock the doors - The remote locking buttons on the IR key allow the driver to unlock all of the Mercedes doors without having to manually turn a key on a mechanical lock.
  2. Start the car - The key fob works to start the vehicle and bypass the anti theft immobiliser

How Mercedes keys work

Mercedes IR keys (like the one in the picture above) are coded to the cars EIS (Electronic Ignition Switch). An uncoded or faulty Mercedes key will not turn when inserted into the EIS. The keys infrared  signal is read upon insertion into the EIS EZS and if the correct code is received the fob is permitted to turn and allows the vehicle to be started.

The Mercedes keys we provide

Spare mercedes benz keys

key for mercedes sprinter

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If you have no keys select "lost all keys" alternatively if you have 1 working key or more select "just a spare".

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