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Have you lost your only Hyundai car key? The Car Key People offer an unbeatable solution for getting new Hyundai keys. We are a team of experienced mobile car locksmiths covering London and nearby counties and have years of experience with Hyundai car keys. Our hassle free Hyundai key replacement service will save you time and money.

The Car Key People can produce a brand new Hyundai key from as little as £85. Our lost key service, for when all keys are lost is just as affordable starting from £130 including supplying, cutting and programming your new key. Call now to see how we can help 07572 941161.

How it Works:

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Benefits of our Hyundai Car Key Service

No other company offers such a comprehensive service for replacement Hyundai keys and remote locking fobs. Reasons to use The Car Key People:

  • Car key experts
  • Same day service
  • Unbeatable prices
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Lost Hyundai keys replaced in minutes

Have you just discovered you have lost your only Hyundai car key? The Car Key People can solve your problem without is costing you an arm and a leg. Our mobile car locksmith can attend your vehicle and cut your new key with minimum of disruption.

There are a few different types of keys used for Hyundai cars but our procedure for making a replacement Hyundai key is always very similar. We first cut the new key from a code we obtain directly from a Hyundai car franchise. Next we plug into the cars main communication port and program the new key to synchronise it with your vehicle, allowing it to start

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Models of Hyundai covered by our car key service

We can provide Hyundai keys for the following models:

No models available

Hyundai remote programming guide

1. You will need to locate a small black box just below the steering column

2. There should be a small piece of tape covering a hole with a switch inside, remove the tape.

3. Turn the ignition on and move the switch to the "SET" position.

4. Press the button on ALL remotes needed to be programmed for the vehicle.

5. Flick the switch back to the "OFF" position.

6. Now turn off the ignition and test all remotes

Our Hyundai car key services

The Car Key People have years of experience with Hyundai car keys and can help in the following ways:

Only have one key for your Hyundai? If you are driving around with just one key for your Hyundai your are running the risk of one day losing that key and being stuck with a car you cant even open, let alone drive. Our spare Hyundai key service is offered to the whole of London and surrounding counties and can save you any future hassle. Our spare Hyundai car keys are cut and programmed at your car while you wait, saving you the need to take your car into a garage. As there are a few different types of keys used for Hyundai cars our prices vary, so give us a call now to obtain a no obligation quote.

What to do if you have lost your only Hyundai key? First give us a call and let us explain the process in full. Things are not as bad as they may seem. Our car locksmiths have years of experience with Hyundai vehicles and can have a new key cut and coded within less than an hour of arriving with you. We can offer you a choice of a standard manual key or a full remote key replacement, depending on you car model. Our replacement Hyundai key service will save you the need to recover your car into Hyundai and in most cases save you some cash too.

Jammed ignition on Hyundai car: Unfortunately Hyundai cars are well known for having ignition barrel problems. Fortunately, we can repair these, meaning they do not have to be replaced by Hyundai. If you are having problem getting the key to turn in the ignition lock we can remove the barrel and make a full repair for less than it will cost to get the barrel replaced.


Snapped Hyundai key what to do?: If your Hyundai key is looking bent or twisted it may be time to get a replacement. The early Hyundai keys are made from a soft metal which can become frail and easily break. We attend lots of jobs where Hyundai car keys have snapped of and become jammed inside the ignition lock. This causes a big problem because even if you have a spare key you wont be able to turn the ignition with the broken piece inside. We can safely remove the broken price of key and cut a new replacement for your Hyundai. If you can see your key is becoming week give us a call and get a price for replacing it now, before it snaps inside your car lock. Also if your key is becoming difficult to turn it is likely it is worn down. We can obtain a key code from Hyundai and cut a new replacement Hyundai key that will work as good as new.

What to do if you lose the chip from a Hyundai key? All Hyundai car keys produced in Europe will have a transponder chip concealed in the head to make the car start. If you lose this chip the Hyundai immobiliser will activate preventing the engine from starting. Our mobile auto locksmiths can replace this chip and reprogram your car to accept the new transponder and start. Give us a call for prices.

How Hyundai transponder keys work

Car keys can work in many different ways to deactivate the immobiliser and start the car. Some cars need a fob to unlock the vehicle and bypass the immobiliser while some may just need a coded key with a transponder chip. Hyundai car keys will have a chip concealed in the plastic head that is coded to the ecu to allow the car the start. When the key is turned in the ignition lock the chips signal is read by an arial that is surrounding the ignition. This arial, also known as a coil will send the signal to an immobiliser unit and if the signal is correct the car will start. This happens without the user being aware.

Our Hyundai locksmith Carlo reveals some inside tips.

"Hyundai cars are now becoming increasingly more popular. Five years ago the main Hyundai we replaced keys for was the Hyundai coupe, but now we are seeing an increase of new models like the Hyundai iX35 and the smaller i20. If you ask your local Hyundai dealer to replace one of these newer type smart keys you could be looking to fork our as much as £350. We can source these smart keys at a great price and relay that to our customers and save them as much as £180 over other options.

The Hyundai keys we provide

Hyundai 3 button flip key

Hyundai 3 button key

Maul Hyundai key replacement

Hyundai standard key

Hyundai smart key

Hyundai ix35 smart key

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