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The Car Key People offer a fast and affordable Honda key replacement service to London and nearby. Have you just lost your only Honda key? Have snapped your Civic key in the door lock? Maybe you only have one key for your Honda Accord and would like a spare? Whatever your requirement our expert car locksmiths can supply you with a replacement Honda key for less than a full tank of petrol.

With brand new Honda keys cut and programmed from just £80 you would be mad not to get a spare from us today. We can even supply a full remote locking key when all keys are lost from as little as £140. The Car Key People are a completely mobile service and will have a new Honda key cut, programmed and in your hand within less than 2 hours of your phone call.

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Benefits of our Honda Car Key Service

No other company offers such a comprehensive service for replacement Honda keys and remote locking fobs. Reasons to use The Car Key People:

  • Car key experts
  • Same day service
  • Unbeatable prices
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Our service for lost Honda keys

We help motorists in London every day that have lost their one and only Honda car key. If you have just lost your only key do not fear, we are here to help. We can provide you with a cost effective manual replacement Honda key for some early models and for a little extra we offer a full remote key replacement service at a price that is guaranteed to be lower than any Honda main dealer

Replacing lost Honda keys is our speciality and we promise to have a new key made within less than one hour of our arrival at the car. We will obtain a key number on your behalf and cut your key to fit the locks of your Honda vehicle. Next we use a specialist key programming machine to program the new Honda key to your car. All work is carried out on site while you wait - there is no need to take your car into a Honda garage as WE COME TO YOU.

Want to learn more? Speak to one of our Honda locksmiths now on 07572 941161

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Models of Honda covered by our car key service

We can provide Honda keys for the following models:

Honda remote programming guide

This manual programming procedure should work for most Honda vehicles up to 2004. With newer vehicles the remote is coded diagnostically at the same time as the transponder chip .


1. Turn the key to the ON position, marked II.
2. Now press the LOCK button on your remote.
3. Using the key turn the ignition switch to the Off position.

Repeat this procedure four times.On the fourth time the locks will cycle indicating the car is now in programming mode and is waiting your next action. Now press the LOCK button again to program this remote. If you have more than one remote to program, press the LOCK button on each, one at a time. The door locks will cycle for each remote that is pressed. When you have programmed all remotes turn the ignition off to exit the programming mode. A maximum of three remotes may be programmed to the car.

Honda car key services provided by The Car Key People

We can help with all Honda key and lock issues.

Looking for a spare Honda key? If you only have one key for your Honda car you could one day find yourself in a situation where you have no keys and are unable to drive your car. Keys are so easily lost that it makes great sense to ensure you have at least one spare key stored in a safe place. The Car Key People can provide you with additional Honda keys and provide you with peace of mind. We can supply and code spare Honda keys for less than any Honda dealer garage, and we come to you saving you hassle and wasted time. With spare manual keys starting at just £80 there's no excuse for not having a spare key. If you are not within our London service area you can purchase a spare Honda key in our online shop and arrange to have a local car locksmith cut and code the key to your car.

Need help with lost Honda keys? If you have just lost your only key you will need the services provided by our mobile car locksmiths. A replacement Honda car key will need to be programmed to your car. Our auto locksmiths offer a fully mobile service to help ensure replacing Honda keys is as hassle free as can be. The Car Key People provide full remote locking identical to the one you have lost. On arriving at your vehicle a replacement key will be cut to fit your car locks and then programmed up to make the car start. Using key programming tools our locksmiths plug directly into your Honda's OBD post and synchronise a new key within less than five minutes.

Jammed Honda ignition lock: Having troubles getting the key to turn in the ignition? This is a common problem with Honda ignition locks that will normally need replacing by a specialist garage. If you can't turn the key you can't drive the car, that's why we come to you. Our skilled car locksmiths are able to remove the lock on site and make a full repair while you wait. Our Honda ignition locks repair service is guaranteed and is always cheaper than replacing the lock.

Snapped Honda key repair: If your Honda key is looking bent and damaged give us a call before it snaps off in the lock. If your key is bent or has broken into two pieces we can cut a new key within minutes  as long as you have all pieces of the key. Using a key copying machine we can piece your key back together and use it as a template to cut a new working key. We will transfer over the programmed transponder chip for disabling the immobiliser so there will be no need to reprogram the new key. Should your key have snapped off into one of the door locks we can carefully extract the broken piece and then make a working replacement. Sometimes Honda remote keys crack on the plastic cases making it difficult to use the key. Our online car key shop stocks replacement Honda key cases for refurbishing and repairing your key.

Nothing happening when you press the buttons on your Honda key? Sounds like your Honda remote is not working. We would first suggest you try replacing the keys battery to make sure the fault is not just a flat battery. If you have tried this and your key is not unlocking the car its time to replace the key. We offer full remote locking Honda keys from £130 inclusive of our mobile key programming service

two button Honda Civic key

Honda red master keys

If you own a Honda that was produced after 2000 there is no master key needed for the vehicle and all keys work the same in terms of starting the car. Honda's produced before 2000 were supplied with three keys, one of which is referred to a master key. The master key is red and normally sealed in a separate packet that warns the owner not to use the key for starting the vehicle. The key is used for manually programming new Honda key replacements to the car. The key needs to be used correctly and in conjunction with the other keys supplied with the car. If you lose your main black/grey keys it is very important you DO NOT try to start the car with the red key as this will cause irreversible damage to the immobiliser box. The red key puts the immobiliser box into a programming mode which needs two other keys to complete a programming procedure. If you have lost your Honda keys call us now and receive a fixed quote for our mobile Honda key service.

A few words from our Honda locksmith

"We are seeing more and more Honda vehicles on the road every year. They are fast becoming a very popular car in London and as a result we have had a lot of experience helping customers that have lost their keys. We have been providing a lost Honda key service for over five years and have quite easily helped more than 1000 customers obtain a replacement key. We can help with an issue you may have with your Honda key, whether that be lost keys, stolen keys, snapped keys or just a backup key. We can also help if you have locked your Honda key inside your car, in fact we probably help unlock at least five or six Honda's each week. We have just sourced a new supplier for Honda remote fobs and our Honda remote keys are now at their lowest price ever.

The Honda keys we provide

Honda 3 button remote key

Remote locking Honda key

Honda 2 button remote key

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