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The Car Key People specialise in replacing lost ford car keys. If you have lost your only ford key we can help make a replacement and have you back on the road the same day. We operate as a completely mobile service and can supply replacement ford keys to anyone in London and the home counties.

Why even consider driving into a Ford main dealer when The Car Key People can supply a brand new spare key for your Ford from as little as £70, and in less than 15 minutes from arrival at your car. Complete lost key situations are equally affordable and start at £99 inclusive of a mobile call out.

How it Works:

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    We confirm a slot for your job.
  3. Get your car key
    We make your new key onsite.
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Benefits of our Ford Car Key Service

No other company offers such a comprehensive service for replacement Ford keys and remote locking fobs. Reasons to use The Car Key People:

  • Car key experts
  • Same day service
  • Unbeatable prices
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How we replace lost Ford Keys

If you have lost your only key and the car is locked you can trust The Car Key People to get you back inside and produce you a new key. Our mobile locksmiths will offer you a suitable time slot to come out to you and open your car. We use advanced lock picking methods to unlock your car and will never cause any damage.

If your Ford car uses a Tibbe key we will not even need to remove a lock. Once we have skilfully unlocked the door we use a decoder tool to read the lock and then cut you a new key in our mobile van workshop. We will then plug a key programming machine into the car to program your new Ford key so it communicates correctly with the immobiliser and starts the car.

Need to know more? Read or lost car key service page.

Got any questions? Speak to a Ford locksmith now on 07572 941161

Lost ford keys service

Get help fast with your car key problems. We will email back with a quote in 5 mins:

Ford remote programming guide

  1. Turn the key in the ignition from position 2 to 1 four times.
  2. The car will chime to confirm the programming mode has been entered.
  3. Within 20 seconds, press any button on first remote. The system will chime once to confirm programming.
  4. If more remotes required, press any button on second remote. System will chime once again to confirm programming.
  5. Turn ignition off to exit programming mode.

Ford car key services provided by The Car Key People

Our Ford car locksmiths can help with any issues you may have regarding Ford keys and locks.

Need a Spare Ford key? If you need a spare key we can arrange to visit you at a convenient time and make an additional key for your Ford while you wait. We are guaranteed to be cheaper than a Ford main dealer and also save you time in driving your car into their garage. Some locksmiths offer discounts if you are prepared to drive your car to their local shop - STOP! let us do the driving and come to you - we can even match their price, what could be simpler!?

Have you lost all of your keys? We can make a replacement Ford car key, even when your car is locked and you have no keys at all. Our mobile Ford locksmith service will come out to you and have you back in your car with a brand new key all in the same day. We can provide standard keys to keep costs low, or full remote locking Ford keys for a little extra. Call us now to discuss the types of keys we provide and get a price for a call out to your area.

Collapsed ignition barrels: Ford Transit vans are well known to have problems with the ignition barbell breaking and making it difficult to turn the key. We carry a good stock of Ford locks and will be happy to visit your vehicle and fit a replacement lock while you wait. we can also repair and replace problematic Ford door locks.


Worn Ford key refurbishment: Is your key looking a little rough around the edges? Let TheCarKeyPeople give your Ford key a little freshen up. We can refurbish worn blades and replace broken Remote fobs. If you are having troubles getting your car door to unlock or the ignition to turn it could be a sign your key is worn out. The metal blade on a Ford Tibbe key can easily become worn and problematic in the locks. It's possible to lock any Ford car with any Ford key, but only a correctly cut key can unlock your vehicle. If your key becomes worn you may find you can lock your door but no longer unlock it. Our mobile assistance service will come out to your car and cut a replacement Ford key that will work better than the day the car was made. Some locksmith shops offer a similar service but can only guess how the key should be cut by looking at the worn blade. When you get back to your car you could find the key is still not working. This is why we come out to your car and use a special tool to read the car door lock and cut a new key to precision.

Is your Ford remote locking fob not unlocking your car? If your remote locking key is not operating as it should we can supply a brand new remote and program it to your car. If your remote buttons are worn through but still work you may like to buy a new Ford remote case from our online car key shop.

How Ford keys work

There are a few different types of keys used for Ford vehicles in the UK. The most recognisable is the Tibbe key. This type of key has been used by Ford for many years and is only now being fazed out by the newer HU101 key. Both of these keys are shown below. Each key contains a transponder chip which is coded to communicate with the immobiliser and permits the vehicle start-up. When the key is turned in the ignition the chips code is read by an antenna and passed to the ECU. If the correct signal is received the car will start. Some keys may also incorporate a remote fob enabling remote locking and unlocking of the car.

A few words from our Ford locksmith

"Since 2009 we have easily replaced more than 1500 broken and lost Ford keys for customers all over London. Having replaced this many Ford keys we can confidently say we have seen every possible problem and always found a solution. We are experienced in replacing keys for every model of Ford and it is this experience that makes us market leaders in the Ford key market. We use several types of key programming tools, so we always have a backup plan if one machine fails to communicate with your car. We always succeed where others fall short. Ford is the most popular car in the UK and there tens of thousands in London, so this makes us incredibly busy with local Ford owners and dealers.

The Ford keys we provide

Transit blue remote key

Ford Tranist Blue remote Tibbe key

Ford remote key

Ford Tibbe remote key

Tibbe key

Ford Tibbe car key

Laser Ford key

HU101 laser Ford key

Ford flip key

HU101 flip remote key

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