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Advice For Buying a Replacement Car Key

Buying a new car key can be a stressful situation that consumes a great deal of time and leaves us somewhat out of pocket. Most of us have no idea.. read more

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Spare car keys

10 reasons why you need to have a spare car key

Of the 2 million plus used cars sold each year in the UK, only a small percentage will be sold with 2 or more keys. A handful of these new.. read more

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Lost Vauxhall chip

Lost Vauxhall Transponder Chip

Are you having troubles getting your Vauxhall car to start? It could be that you have lost the transponder chip from your Vauxhall car key. This article explains what a.. read more

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Ford Transit Key Fob Not Working

My Ford remote is not working. Nothing happens when I press the buttons on my Transit key fob. I can’t unlock my Transit van. If I had a pound for.. read more

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