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The Car Key People are London’s leading auto locksmiths. If you have locked your keys inside your car, snapped a key in your door lock, misplaced your spare key or lost your one and only car key then you will need the assistance of a good car locksmith. You can speak to your local auto locksmith on 07572 941161.

Our auto locksmith service is geared towards helping motorists in London and nearby counties, but also extends to dealership support and garage assistance. The Car Key People are trusted auto locksmiths with a highly regarded name in the area of London. We always aim to provide a high quality product and a top class service that means we are the first choice for many local car repair garages and locksmith shops. We have asked our happy customers to share their story and have added these to our happy customer reviews section.

What is an auto locksmith?

An auto locksmith is someone that provides a service to assist with all issues regarding car keys and car locks. Auto locksmiths are a specialist type of locksmith that focus only on vehicles. There are several types of locksmith and while some offer multiple services, the majority choose to specialise in a specific area.  Most people typically think of a locksmith as someone that opens your house door if you are locked out, or cuts new house keys when you have misplaced one. This is the most common type of locksmith, known in the trade as a domestic locksmith. An auto locksmith is a specialist category locksmith thats works solely in the automotive sector. An auto locksmith may some times be referred to as a car locksmith or a vehicle locksmith or even an automotive locksmith. These terms are interchangeable and all refer to the same trade.

How can a car locksmith help you?

Some auto locksmiths will offer little more than a lost car key replacement service, but The Car Key People provide a full car key and lock service that caters for the following needs:

  1. Keys locked in car – We open locked cars, with no damage and no fuss
  2. Car lock repair – Some car locks become difficult to operate or refuse to work at all. The Car Key People can repair or replace most popular car manufacturer locks and ignitions
  3. Lost all car keys – This is the main service of all auto locksmiths. The Car Key People specialise in replacing car keys when you have lost them all
  4. Broken car keys- Most car locksmiths will provide some kind of car key repair service. The Car Key People can repair many types of cracked and snapped vehicle keys
  5. Duplicate car keys – Our auto locksmiths can visit your car and make a spare key while you wait

How much do auto locksmiths charge?

The majority of auto locksmiths will always be cheaper than going straight to a main dealer. While the original quote for the replacement car key may be higher than what a dealer will quote, it will be guaranteed to work out cheaper by the time you add on costs for towing the car to the dealer, paying for codes and programming etc. All vehicle locksmiths will have their own prices but  as a general guide you can expect to pay around £120 for a complete lost key replacement. This cost includes a car locksmith coming out to your car, opening the vehicle, supplying, cutting and coding a brand new key. Some car keys can be produced in as little as 10 minutes while others may take over an hour, so prices tend to vary depending on the vehicle make and the specific key coding procedure. The costs of purchasing remote fobs also effects the overall cost as key remote prices can vary greatly between manufacturers.


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How to become an auto locksmith

Many auto locksmiths start out as a domestic locksmith and then choose to specialise in a an area such as safe engineering or auto locksmithing. It makes perfect sense to take this route although it is possible to enter the world of auto locksmithing with no prior lock and key knowledge. Car mechanics and auto electricians may find the job suitable as a basic knowledge of how cars work is required. The best way to learn the trade is to spend time training with a working auto locksmith and learn on the job. This may not always be possible and the second best way to learn about auto locksmithing is through a dedicated training course. Unfortunately the majority of courses will only cover the basics and not prepare anyone to start out on their own.

If you need an auto locksmith call The Car Key People on 07572 941161.

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